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Responsive Website Design

Responsive Website Design

Today’s American culture goes to their phones or tablets, before they go to their computers. If you want to reach your customers; responsive website design is the only way to go. I provide you affordable HTML5, W3C valid, responsive website design that ensures you get your message to the people looking for your services on whatever device they seek you out on. I offer you cost effective solutions.

Website Hosting

Scalable solutions for hosting your website. LINUX (Apache) and Windows servers allowing you to work in the environment you’re most comfortable with. Need more power than shared hosting? Dedicated severs for maximum power for your business. We also offer managed high end servers when you really need some horsepower. Here you have choices and solutions.

How Much Does It Cost?

Call us and we’ll be happy to talk. When you call please be ready to answer these questions and we will be able to provide you with an estimate.

  • What size house do you desire?
  • Will you be building in straw, sticks or brick?
  • How many bedrooms, closets and bathrooms?
  • How large a kitchen?
  • Will you be including a front or back porch, dining room, living or family room, laundry room etc...?
  • Free website planning guide.
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