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Building A Website

So you’re thinking about building a website. There are basically two directions you can go on the Internet today: passive or aggressive.

A passive website is an extension of your business card and is designed to supplement your business card by providing in depth information or resources your current customers or perspective customers need to choose you for their needs. Once completed a passive website requires little maintenance or upkeep.

An aggressive website has everything a passive website has and includes a strategy for ongoing engagement of social media and the search engines. Everyone wants to be in the top ten. Not everyone gets there. A passive website simply will not index to the front page of the search engines because it does not meet the requirements to place there.

SEO Placement

If you want to place in the top ten links of the search engine you must ensure you take the time to develop a robust and detailed website. This is accomplished by fully engaging social media with regular relevant content about your business. A growing services portfolio, product cart, specials update. The search engine index according to relevancy of content and freshness of content; if you update your website with regular relevant content in time you will earn a position on the first page. Continuing to do so ensures you will secure your slot on the 1st page of the major search engines.

Website Hosting

Scalable solutions for hosting your website. LINUX (Apache) and Windows servers allowing you to work in the environment you’re most comfortable with. Need more power than shared hosting? Dedicated severs for maximum power for your business. We also offer managed high end servers when you really need some horsepower.

How much does it cost?

There are three types of fees associated with building a website:

  1. Annual: domain registration and SSL
  2. Monthly: Hosting
  3. Build/Maintenance: Initial build and maintenance fees when appropriate.

Our planning guide is designed to assist you in collecting the information and content you will need to gather to complete your initial build. Feel free to download it to organize your thoughts. Organizing your thoughts facilitates a better initial build. Please call us if you have any questions, we look forward to meeting with you soon.

Planning Guide

Website Management

To be successful on the World Wide Web your business must be proactive. The day you think your website is finished you resign your business website to the depths of the search engines.

There are only ten links on the first page of the major search engines. If you want to see your business on the first page you or someone with-in your business must perform management tasks. I offer you solutions.

Social Media

Everyone knows you need to be on FaceBook, Twitter, LinkediN Google +... and involved with the social media in today’s marketplace. The challenge is how do you accomplish that goal to your business’s maximum potential?

FaceBook is not the only consideration Tweeting has become a rage and for the moment is another essential part of any business person’s toolbox when promoting their product or service. Once you understand this basic concept the question then becomes: How does one accomplish this goal? I offer your business economical solutions.

Private Instruction

If you desire to build and maintain your own website I can teach you or someone with-in your organization how to do it. You will need an account with Adobe for Dreamweaver CC & Photoshop CC, a good FTP Program, a good word processing program, Notepad++, and basic computer knowledge. I will introduce you to the Adobe CC interface and ensure you or they understand best practices.

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